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Thursday, January 3, 2008

New moxy phinx Video

One of Mutiny Universe's favorite artists, moxy phinx has released a video for the song "silence." Check it out:

moxy phinx- silence

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We'll be back with regularly scheduled MU TV soon. By the way, did you catch the mostly-bearded late night talk shows last night? Dave sports a beard, and so does Conan. Even Jimmy Kimmel Live's Guillermo augmented his moustache with a goatee.

In case you're wondering where the mystery meat hyperlinks go:
favorite = Elan Vital blog;
artists = Right-click to download The Society of Gloves feat. moxy phinx "Time Lose Your Hold";
moxy phinx = moxy's MySpace profile;
MU TV = Episodes we've posted from Hulu. Unfortunately, FX has taken down episodes from the first season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, not because of copyright infringement but because they want you to buy the DVDs, as Hulu has the support of the bulk of the big media oligarchy.

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