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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jonny Greenwood, Eddie Vedder, and the D.I.Y. Ethos

I was extremely disappointed to see the Academy Award nominations today, when it came to music nominations. Neither Radiohead guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Jonny Greenwood's score for There Will Be Blood nor any part of Eddie Vedder's Golden Globe-winning Into the Wild soundtrack were nominated for an Oscar. Apparently, according to Rolling Stone magazine:

"On the music front, Jonny Greenwood’s score for There Will Be Blood was disqualified from the competition despite already picking up a Critic’s Choice Award and getting nominated for a British Academy Award. Eddie Vedder’s omission is confusing, as his “Guaranteed” from Into the Wild seemed to be a shoe-in for Oscar love after winning a Golden Globe."

(By the way, I first received news of the nomination list from Rama's SCREEN, run by someone I knew from high school but have gotten to know better through blogging. There's a lot of great, late-breaking movie news at Rama's SCREEN.)

Anyway, check out the trailer for There Will Be Blood, with bits and pieces from Greenwood's score:

And if want to hear some more Greenwood ASAP, your best bet is to download the album through's DRM-free MP3 service: There Will Be Blood.

Eddie Vedder's "Guaranteed" won the Golden Globe for Best Song, but Vedder's work has been snubbed in favor of not one, not two, but three songs from Enchanted. At least Cate Blanchett's two nods come from two different movies (the Elizabeth sequel and I'm Not There). Anyhow, check out the music video for "Guaranteed":

The quickest way to hear the rest of Vedder's soundtrack is to download it through DRM-filled iTunes, as the album hasn't made it to DRM-free iTunes Plus or DRM-free MP3 yet: Eddie Vedder - Into the Wild (Music for the Motion Picture) [Deluxe Version] [Deluxe Version] | Eddie Vedder - Music for the Motion Picture Into the Wild

Before I try to provide some analysis to my lamentations, let me just quote what I wrote in the comments of the Rama's SCREEN Oscar Nomination entry: "It’s a bit reassuring (in a masochistic way) that these 1990s alt-rock heroes are still underrated by the mainstream…the establishment. The spirit of D.I.Y. ethos and not selling out lives on, I guess…"

The moral of the story is that the establishment doesn't have to recognize fantastic artists, as it often doesn't. And so what if the mainstream often rewards things that are more popular and less timeless? It's a cliché, but it happens all the time. It shouldn't - and doesn't - stop some really wonderful, timeless work from being produced, regardless of acclaim.

If it's any consolation, not having a Golden Globes ceremony and not being nominated for the currently green-lit Oscar show actually saves Vedder the trouble of being part of a potentially awkward situation. The only thing left is this year's Grammy Awards, in which Vedder is nominated and could win and could say something like twelve years ago:

Jonny Greenwood photo credit: Zach Klein.
Eddie Vedder photo credit: Jim Bachalo.

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