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Monday, July 30, 2007 #10

Ryan talks briefly about the Presidents of the United States of America (band) and the actual Presidents of the United States. Also: After a week break, another installment of Katy's Daily Traffic Report. And Sports!

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1. The Spaceshots "Greetings My Glorious Graces"
2. "Denial" by Katy M. Savage
3. Starlight Cinema "Left Coast Cinderella"
4. Act As If "Please Catch Up"
5. Negatrude "Go to Sleep"

Notes: Wikipedia is considered too liberal by the creator(s) of the Conservapedia, which in turn is considered too hypocritical by the contributors of RationalWiki. If you want some food for thought, look these up on Google, as I won't link them here.

H.R. Giger, Artist

Thursday, July 26, 2007 #9

Ryan talks about recording a podcast (how reflexive!), the Youtube/CNN debate (which he didn't see), and documentaries.

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Notes: Podcaster > Pop filter > Microphone (on applicable mic stand) > XLR cable > USB-powered pre-amp > USB cable > Computer > Recording program (as simple as Audacity, or as overkill as Pro Tools, which is Ryan's weapon of choice).

Check out this week's Podcast Artists on the link list to the right:

1. Michelle Newman "Pay It Forward"
2. Negatrude "Home"
3. Lythium "Say Goodbye"
4. Michelle Newman "One Last Time"

More notes: Ryan recommends reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. It's guaranteed to either preach to the choir or piss off the opposing point of view, or any reaction in between and beyond.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hibernating on the Pee Pad

It's just damn funny!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Very Important Message

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 #8

This is one strange trip of an episode: New Co-Host, uninvited guests, new Traffic Report, and...well, Ryan and music.

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1. Heather Donaldson "Lonely Without You"
2. Heather Donaldson "Honeybee"
3. Negatrude "Save Yourself"
4. DREAD:WAR "Blood of the Pharaoh"
5. Liquid Blue "Rescue"
6. Michelle Newman "Pay It Forward"

(Check out our list of Podcast Artists on the right-hand side of this page for links and more information.)


Sunday, July 15, 2007

I don't want to write a blog

Blog implies "B-list." Alog, on the other hand, that's top-shelf posting! For example, Diblog really only means two blogs or wanting the one you just read to meet a horrible fate. DiAlog, on the other hand, is very useful in writing fiction, screenplays, et cetera or being specific about how you want someone to die. (Mr. Peach in the swamp with Alog.) Blogging sounds like something you do after you've ingested a fifth of vodka in half an hour. Or the act of frogs mating. Or verbiage used by some sort of sci-fi alien, most likely from Star Trek.
Clog, meanwhile can either be what happens to the toilet when you do too much post-vodka blogging, or could be a way of pointing out a local log to a friend (C? log!).
Dlog would then be back to the Klingon language or ebonics when pointing out "the log."
Elog is merely the prefix to Elogate, which is what a hooker with a cold would like you to do to get the business transaction started.
Flog. Well, that's the best way to continue said interaction with hooker, in my opinion.
Glog: another name for "glug" - a fantastic Christmassy drink made with port wine, lots of cinnamon and cloves, and brandy. (I'm not kidding.)
Hlog....... moving on.
Ilog - it's how I get into my account settings on line - though I have to add the word "on."
Jlog - the common name for a Scandinavian second son of a second son.
Klog - again, Sacndinavian - here implying things to wear on your feet or abovementioned toilet post vodka or (as we have recently learned) glog.
Llog - A stuttering woodsman chopping down trees.
Mlog - Elizabethan custom for greeting a bit of wood i.e. "Good even, m'log: wouldst though like to be set ablaze?"
Nlog: short for "and log" or a small sprite that infests the old table tennis boards in your grandparent's basement.
Plog: to kill somone by firing jello from a gun.
Olog - the beginning of a sonnet to wood. (yes, I'm mixing up my alphabet - shut up.)
Qlog - I'm baffled by this one but if you figure it out, lemme know cause it'll help me ROCK at Scrabble.
Rlog - when finished with "-ate," it's what I do with my job at Mutiny Universe to make sure I don't have to do most of the work.
Slog: come on, folks - we've all done this one: Winter. Snow. Getting home in the slush. Slogging. Pick up the pieces, here, people!
Tlog and Vlog are brothers. The end.
Ulog: it's what YOU do on your computer.
Wlog. My imagination only goes so far, kids.
Xlog: My list of favorite porn sites on the internet.
Ylog: Y not?
Zlog: French for "the log."

Can I please have back the last ten minutes of my life? I promise to give you people half.

Under the Boardwalk

Oh, when the sun beats down and melts the tar up on the roof
And the streets get so hot you wish your tired feet were fireproof
Under the boardwalk, down by the sea
On a blanket with my baby - that's where I'll be.

But when it's hot outside and the smog hangs in the air
And the five local bums ask for change from folks who just don't care
On Franklin and Highland in Hollywood
Broke, single, in a cheap apartment, I have no food.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

iPods. Huh, who'da thunk?

Yeah, found out that when I updated Sydney (My ipod) yesterday, it uploaded all of the MURadio podcasts. Didn't know it did that. That rocks. I'm just sayin'.

Sick. Yes, sick I am of people telling me how great the movie TRANSFORMERS is. Being a male between the ages of 13 and 50, I like very little more than a big action movie with ridiculously cool special effects, unreal stunts, explosions galore, Is-it-live-or-is-it-Memorex CGI, narrow escapes, and super hot brunettes with killer bodies wearing as little as possible - preferably dripping wet from sweat. HOWEVER, more than all of these (save the brunettes thing), I care about S T O R Y ! ! ! Of which there was a gaping void in Michael Bay's latest hunk of crap. After 45 minutes of decent (not great) story, the Transformers land on Earth en masse. This, the point of the whole film and the TITLE, is where the film begins to suck. Ironic, eh?

This is why I (and the rest of the world, even if they didn't realize why) loved SPIDER-MAN 2: larger-than-life characters and situations, but everything is couched in a story that creates real drama, tension and emotion. (And bitchin' shots of Spidey swinging through the city... but I digress.....) I thank my God every day that Michael Bay didn't get to direct Spider-Man. (Why would I thank Alan Rickman for that, even I'm not sure. Just go with it.......)

So, that being said, as far as Mutiny Universe is concerned, I am very excited and highly optimistic, as Jason is far more talented than Michael Bay, John writes quality scripts with great character depth and story, and I intend to Executive Produce everything so that I can demand hot 21-year-old wet brunettes and CGI robots into every film, especially the tear-jerker we're prepping about the failed attempts of an ass-backward Nazi trying to build a comedy club in Auschwitz. (Think LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL meets THE PRODUCERS meets RODAN. With CGI robots.)

That, and "obsequious" is a really cool word. #7

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Exhausted and with nothing otherwise useful to talk about, Ryan reads and answers some "Would you rather?" dilemmas at In between that, he plays some music:

1. Heather Donaldson "Honeybee"
2. The Spaceshots "Greetings My Glorious Graces"
3. Michelle Newman "Silly Girl"
4. Chelsea Williams "You Don't Wanna Know"
5. Moxy Phinx "Centerfold"


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wednesday, July 4, 2007 #6

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Happy Independence Day/National Holiday to the following countries (from Wikipedia):

The music of this week's episode comes from the public domain/Creative Commons library of

1. Jimmie Rodgers "Hobo Bill's Last Ride"
2. Lucille Hegamin "Everybody's Blues"
3. Eddie Cantor "Hungry Women"
4. Kelly Harrell "I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again"
5. Mary Stafford "I'm Gonna Jazz My Way"
6. Dave Kaplan/Kalpan and His Orchestra "Good News"
7. Paul Whiteman "My Blue Heaven"
8. Elsie Baker "I Love You Truly"
9. Elsie Baker "Hush-a-bye Ma Baby (Missouri Waltz)"

I believe I dyslexically pronounced Dave Kalpan as "Dave Kaplan"...sorry, Mr. Kalpan...unless that page misspelled his name, in which case, I retract my apology.

I also mentioned Jerry Stiller's audio autobiography. You can listen to the sample by clicking here, or go to to read along with Mr. Stiller.

Let's play some records,

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