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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Two Fingers = Obscure Right Click

Two fingers is not only useful for hand gestures and measuring 18 year old Scotch, it will also make using a MacBook more efficient. I don't have the Mac cred to explain it, as I have built my machine from the body parts of insane criminals, so let's have an annoyed nerd do the explaining:

Until I can bear to part with a couple grand so I can test this for myself, let's file this under: Good to know.

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1 comment:

Jason J. Loya said...

Believe it folks. This unprecedented "two finger" concept is in fact a reality. I discovered it on my powerbook when I first got it a couple years ago. Then I decided that I didn't really like the feature and I got a two button mouse with a track ball and a scroll wheel. Much better! For the record, Apple's new three or four button mouse totally blows. I hate it. I'll take this Logitech mouse any day. As for Mac computers though - you just can't beat them.

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