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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pimp Your Posts

While I have been aware of blogging/online journaling since the dawn of the millennium, and have dabbled in it intermittently, I have realistically and consistently blogged for the past six months. Anyhow, here are a few lessons I have learned along way, when it comes to earning (not "generating") traffic:

1. MySpace is for high school students and wannabe rock stars. Join MyBlogLog instead, add your blogs, and make friends. (But since everyone has a MySpace regardless, add Mutiny Universe's filmmaker profile as a friend. Thanks.)
2. Facebook is for college students and widget programmers. Join BlogCatalog in addition to Facebook, add your blogs, and make friends.
3. Join Digg.
4. Join
5. Join StumbleUpon.
6. Join Technorati, and add your blogs.
7. Sign up for and install the BlogRush widget to your blog. Make sure your blog has a good number of respectable posts, or it will be rejected (temporarily) for the BlogRush network.
8. As long as it isn't a money-driven pyramid scheme, allow yourself to be referred by others to any of the above, and in turn, refer other people.
9. Sign up for AddThis and install the bookmark widget (see it in action below) so that it will appear in every new blog post.
10. Bookmark your own posts using the AddThis widget and your various social bookmarking/social networking accounts: Facebook, Digg,, StumbleUpon, etc.

Related suggestions:
11. Join FeedBurner to track subscribers to your blog(s). Usually, though, before anyone can subscribe to your blog, they would have to visit your blog at least once (see the above list to make that possible).
12. Ping. I have no idea what that means, really, but do it anyway. And if you've figured it out, please let me know, too. (Yes, I know, I can look it up on Wikipedia or elsewhere, but I haven't gotten around to that topic.)
13. Install the Google Toolbar browser add-on to check your blog's PageRank.
14. Install the Alexa browser add-on and encourage your blog's visitors to also use it; this will increase your blog's Alexa ranking.

When it comes to a personal blog, it's not that difficult to post on a daily basis. Sure, it will take some self-motivation, but it's pretty easy to develop your own point of view and writing style/flavor if you consistently blog. To foster a sense of community and exchange of opinions in a collaborative blog (like this one), be sure to do the following: (1) blog regularly and (2) make sure others do the same, so that the collaborative blog can be relatively fair and balanced (as opposed to Fox News).

Since it's Halloween, dress up like a pimp when you blog and pimp your hot (not cracked out) posts - or pimp yo' po's.

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