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Monday, October 1, 2007

New Radiohead Album for as Low as £0.01 (about TWO CENTS!)*

As a big F-YOU to the record industry, iconic alternative - and I do mean that sincerely - rock band Radiohead will release their new album In Rainbows via digital download around October 10, 2007. A physical "discbox" will be available sometime this December. Anyhow, here's the price breakdown:

1. YOU get to choose the price for the digital download-only option. You can pay as low as ONE PENCE* but as much as you want to pay the band - who isn't signed to a record label anymore.

2. A physical discbox to be delivered by December 3rd, containing the album on vinyl and on CD, as well as an enhanced CD with photos 'n stuff. These customers will also get access to the digital download on October 10. The price for this package is £40 (probably a bit more than $80 USD...seeing as how the US dollar is not as strong these days).

So head on over to the official Radiohead website for more information.

*Plus 45 pence surcharge (about 90 cents USD) for credit card orders. Okay, technically you can "buy" the album for free, but I want you to join Radiohead's new music revolution and change the way business is done...hell, I'm a part of a corporation, too! Join the Big Bang Band Boat Revolution, Baby!

Thom Yorke photo credit: Goldberg.

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