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Thursday, October 4, 2007 #18: Peter Chavez "Live at Paul's Kitchen"

This is very special episode, as it is 230% supersized (69 minutes). We invite you to listen to a soundboard recording from last Saturday Night, at a restaurant/bar near Los Angeles called Paul's Kitchen. This episode contains most of Peter Chavez's acoustic show, celebrating the release of his album Autumn's Revenge.

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Setlist (italicized titles not included in podcast):

Guitar intro
Where You Stand
Until The Last Sun Dies
The Seven Thunders
What I Keep
A Newfound Hope
The 8th Sea
Over The Mountain Under The Mole Hill
Used To Love Her - Gn'R cover
Like A Stone - Audioslave cover
Sweet Little Whirlwind
Drowning Clouds
Bullets Like Rain
Ashes Of A Phoenix

Check out:

Finally, here's a clip of Peter doing one of the cover songs:

Watercolor portrait of Peter Chavez: "Contented" by James "Jimmy Green Eyes" Ramirez. Visit his MySpace profile, containing this and other artwork.

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