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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blog Readability Test

There's a humorous blog readability test at that quickly analyzes any given blog, giving it a minimum education rating. For instance, to fully comprehend this blog, a reader must have a minimum education of...

MU Blog
cash advance

I don't know if one has to be a college graduate to fully appreciate the Mutiny Universe blog, but some knowledge of computers is required to download our podcasts, I guess. The concept of the haiku is a middle school or junior high thing, isn't it? While this certainly reflects the education level of the contributors of this blog, I don't think this blog's posts look like term they?

I contribute to a series of other blogs (shameless self-promotion alert!), and here's what the test says about them:
cash advance

I've been blogging politically at, so it's pretty flattering that my personal blog (as well as the collaborative MU blog) reflects my official level of education. Then again, I'm not blogging term papers at, either.

The Society of Gloves
cash advance

I'm actually glad the blog/website for my rock band doesn't have an extremely high educational rating. It's rock 'n roll for crying out loud...not rocket science! On the other hand, the self-producing process is pretty heavy. But if this is judging the end content of the band, then it's great not be an intellectual elitist...for once. I have to also point out that the blog readability test can give "results" lower than high school level.

And finally...

Chord du Jour
cash advance

The irony is that Chord du Jour is supposed to teach beginning and intermediate guitarists some really basic stuff. If you have to be a genius to comprehend the concepts that I'm trying to teach, then I'm probably not teaching in an effective manner. Sigh. However, it is some consolation that I've been given genius status...even if it is from a humorous Internet analysis.

Now check your blog's readability level!

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1 comment:

Jason J. Loya said...

I took the test. Moods (my personal blog) got a COLLEGE rating and Bit Ranch (my old school video game blog with 2 posts) got GENIUS. That test is on acid.

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