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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Übergeek "Chic" egregia cum laude

Again, I think I'm meant to miss the boat on Internet phenomena. What have I been doing to miss the obvious? Running a business? Creating art? I don't know.

So here's a shooting gallery of true blue übergeeks. They're not the kind who could be properly exploited by either Madison Avenue or Hollywood. They're probably not the correct archetypes to sell Gap clothing, Apple electronics, or Starbucks coffee. Obviously not for the mainstream, they're not chic in any sense of the word, and neither are they the ironically labeled "indie" hipster. For a moment you might think you're watching a MADtv or Saturday Night Live sketch. Here they are:

Leslie Hall, of Leslie and the LY's and

Jay Maynard, the Tron Guy:

Randy Costan, otherwise known as Peter Pan:

They found their "fame" via the pure democracy of the World Wide Web. And while large corporations can't exploit them (and others like them) to sell products to the middle and working classes of world, they've come together for a good cause: Net Neutrality, the very reason why they have their apparent notability today.

Here's their music video:

Anyway, you can go to the clever viral video people (for a seemingly good cause) at

1 comment:

Jay Maynard said...

Hey, if someone were to want to use me to peddle their wares, I'd sign on, except for a very few companies that I don't do business with personally.

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