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Sunday, September 2, 2007 #14

If last week was the ukulele episode, this week is the guitar one.

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For this show, Ryan's sleepy, tired, and exhausted - that's the famous dwarf and his two obscure cousins. He actually meant RE-welcome when he talked about S.L.U.D.G.E., as we've definitely played S.L.U.D.G.E.'s music in the past.

1. S.L.U.D.G.E. "Sorrowladen"
2. Negatrude "Hate Me"
3. Act As If "On Your Hands and Knees"
4. Moxy Phinx "Dog Tag"
5. Liquid Blue "Making Up"

Again, sleep-deprived Ryan probably stated some of the artists' webpages incorrectly, so please check out our Podcast Artists link list on the right-hand side of the page for accurate URLs.

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