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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Chronicles of Colbert and Conan: Who Made Huckabee?

For the first part of 2008, there has been a comedy feud between Conan O'Brien and Stephen Colbert, regarding the answer to life, the universe, and everything (without being 42): Who made Mike Huckabee?

I first blogged about the Huckabee causality conundrum on my currently politically-tinged blog after Conan mentioned re-energizing Chuck Norris, who in turn re-energized Huckabee to win the first caucus of the election season in Iowa. Little did I know that my humble little blog entry caught the attention of Stephen Colbert and/or the bloggers at Comedy Central (not the writers, as they were supposed to be on strike at the time). The screenshot at the beginning of this entry shows a link from the Colbert Nation to's article "Huckabee's Caucus Win, Conan's Causality."

Much has been said about the Colbert Bump - that is, being interviewed on The Colbert Report invariably bumps up the interviewee's popularity - and my other blog experienced something like that in terms of blog traffic for about a week. In gratitude for this third-tier quasi-Colbert Bump, and with my inner comedic muckraker never letting go of a funny story, I have followed the entire story at Check out part one | part 1.5 | part two | part three | part four | part five | part six | part seven for in-depth reference.

Otherwise, here are the videos (catch 'em while they are still hosted by Hulu and Comedy Central) telling the epic story in its entirety:

1. Conan made Huckabee (currently unavailable on Hulu so check out the later videos for context).

2. No, Colbert made Huckabee.

3. No, Conan made Colbert and therefore made Huckabee.

4. No, Jon Stewart made Conan and therefore made Huckabee.

5. No, Conan made both Stewart and Colbert and therefore made Huckabee. Evidently, he also shaved off his strike beard between the previous Late Night video and this one.

6. The final battle, part one, on The Daily Show.

7. The final battle, part two, on The Colbert Report.

8. The final battle, part three, on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

9. The epilogue, multiple endings a la The Return of the King, on The Daily Show.

10. A summary of the events, courtesy of Comedy Central.

The screenshot is from

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d.edlen said...

I love it. They sure needed to waste some time, didn't they? I like all three's off-the-cuff stuff somewhat better than with their writers though, sometimes.


Ryan DeRamos said...

I agree. The feud was the best thing on late night TV since the beginning of 2008. This crossover was far superior than the Leno/Kimmel love-fest. Letterman and Ferguson didn't have to improv their way through January and February (and beyond?), so it would be hard to rate their shows against the writer-less ones.

Definite props to Colbert, Stewart, and O'Brien for their solo comedic chops...and Leno and Kimmel, too.

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