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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Movie of the Week: Steve Martin's "The Jerk"

Truthfully, Mutiny Universe Television isn't going to post a Hulu-approved movie every week, but do you remember when television stations weren't part of networks and/or owned by general managers who also owned network affiliates?

Today's VHF television in the Los Angeles market:
2 - KCBS is a CBS affiliate
4 - KNBC is an NBC affiliate
5 - KTLA is a CW affiliate
7 - KABC is an ABC affiliate
9 - KCAL is owned by the same guy who owns KCBS, which is a CBS affiliate
11 - KTTV is a FOX affiliate
13 - KCOP is the sister station of KTTV, which is a FOX affiliate. KCOP is also part of the quasi-network "My Network TV," which is owned by FOX.

While these stations still show movies during the lull of the weekend, the overtly oligopolistic nature of today's broadcast media gives these stations the clout to play modern movies - recent (two or three year old) blockbusters and pseudo-indie films. Back in the day, at least when I was growing up, the non-network stations either broadcast classic movies or hideously obscure films or box office bombs (licensed for cheap, I'm sure).

As I remember it, so I could be wrong, the LA television market looked like this, in VHF:

2 - KCBS (CBS)
4 - KNBC (NBC)*
5 - KTLA (independent): Family Film Festival! I met the host (the Popeye guy) at Marine World, but I was but a wee lad at the time.
7 - KABC (ABC)
9 - KHJ (independent): Elvira, baby!
11 - KTTV (independent)
13 - KCOP (independent)

Enough reminiscing. I'll leave that for my memoirs. Anyhow, here's that classic film starring Steve Martin, The Jerk:

*My family's old TV set was hooked up to a monstrous VHS deck, which consisted of two pieces. The VCR was set to show on Channel 4, and to relieve the TV from contradictory signals, KNBC was set on Channel 3 - if I remember correctly.

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1 comment:

Demarco said...

Found this site called that streams classic and new movies like 'The Jerk'.
Go to to watch it now

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