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Sunday, May 27, 2007 #1

This is the first podcast. Ryan's banter has been kept to a minimum (for now...).

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We'd like to thank all the artists that have given us permission to put their tunes on the rotation. We're currently looking for more artists to feature for future podcasts. Of course, we're going to play our current batch of artists again (as long as they're cool with it). Aside from DeRamos-composed filler music, here's the first show's playlist:

1. Starlight Cinema "Left Coast Cinderella"
2. Moxy Phinx "Only Me"
3. Lythium "Science"
4. Lythium "Fish Out of Water"
5. Chelsea Williams "Run"
6. Negatrude "Carbon"
7. Moxy Phinx "Aphrodite"
8. Oliver Charles "Almost (Remix)"

The show is 30 minutes long. You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes...soon (knock on wood!). Again, I'm approaching independent bands/solo artists to play some of their songs...songs that I personally like. If you are a recording artist and would like to be featured on the show, please contact us at (the same name as the show!).

Ryan DeRamos

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